Also known as Magic Crystal Ball, Healing Balls, Healing Crystal balls but it is the power of Magic Crystals that is more important I must say that every body is very much familiar by what I say Magic Crystal Balls, as you all may be aware that they are a gift of nature to us, they are natural and so have many hidden qualities of healing us and many also say are capable of curing any type of diseases as remember they are natural, Also by holding this Crystal Ball in our palms, it is said that they absorb all the heat from our body and also negative energies, and everybody is aware that these cold crystal balls absorb all the heat from the body and thus keeps the body calm and removes tensions from our body which is one of the causes that brings unwanted sickness to us, Again there are lots to say about it, but if any one wants to know more or need any information you can always email me. Again if you may require any other products in crystals you can always let me know.