Fertility Spells
Spell To Conceive A Son

During your most fertile time arrange three candles in a triangle. At the top should be a yellow one (Sun), to the left a green one (Earth) and to the right a blue one (Rain). These are the symbols of the Father. Take a dried Oak Leaf and in red ink write the following: "Sow in my womb a son as tall and healthy as the mighty Oak". Place the leaf in the center of the triangle. Next, place an acorn on top of the leaf, repeating the following:

"From this seed is born the Sacred Oak

From this union is born my beloved Son"

Visualize a tree growing, from the first shoots pushing through lush soil, the slender sapling, all the way up until the tree stands strong and proud. Its leafy arms spread above you. Hold this image in your mind for a few minutes. Picture the leaves rustling with the breeze, the sun shining through here and there. Now, picture an infant lying at the base of the tree, gently cradled in the protruding roots. Picture him as you would like your son to be, happy, healthy, smiling. Hold this image for a few moments.

When you are ready, take the acorn and place it under the mattress before making love. Let the candles burn down. Each night before attempting to conceive, repeat, using new candles but the same leaf and acorn.

Keep in mind, this spell increases the liklihood of conceiving the gender you seek. This means you may not conceive at all if the potential child was of the opposite gender! So think long and hard about using this spell. "
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