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Witchcraft Protection Spell.
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Do you feel that where ever you go, you are a victim of witchcraft and black magic then this spell will help you and also protect you from any type of black magic, evil eye, hexes and curse.

You will first need a bowl and pour rose water in it. Then you may take 2 rose Incense sticks. You may burn the incense sticks and while the sticks are being burn you may chant these words YAAVAR DUSHMAN BEPANNA NAD, chant these words 100 times and then when the sticks are burnt then collect the ashes and put it in the bowl of rose water. Then add little salt and turmeric powder. Then you may collect the water in a bottle. And when ever you may go take few drops of the water and apply on your clothes. You will always be safe and protected from any type of evil eye, black magic, negative energy, curses or hexes.

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