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Have you lost your love to some one else, or is your love with some other person and you want him back, then this witchcraft spell will help you.

You will need 4 black candles. All the candles should be of same color. Then take a black ink and on one cande write the name of your enemy of the name of the person who has taken away your love, on the other candle write the name of your love and on the other 2 remaining candles you may write your name. Then before lighting the candles, you may chant these words ______Your name APURVA PANISTA _______(name of your enemy) ATAL MUAJ NAAM (name of your lover). Chant these words 100 times. Then the black candle that has the name of your enemy you may take it and go to a cemetery and light it, you have to stay there only till the whole candle burns and while the candle is burning keep in your mind that your enemy must be destroyed. Then you may come back home and the remaining 3 candles you may keep it with you in your room. Later once your love is with you then you may burn all the three candles so that you love will always be with you and will never leave you.

Lost Love Spells
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