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Witchcraft Spell for Protection.
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Another powerful free witchcraft spell that will not only destroy all your enemies but will also punish them. You will need 40 sea pebbles. Then you may bring the pebbles at home, wash them, then on each pebble draw a small symbol of your enemy. After that take all the pebbles in a bowl, after that you will need chickens blood and put it in the bowl and mix it with the pebbles. Then you make take a picture of your enemy. Behind the picture you may write TERA MOPANNA ZER HAWAS. After that you may burn the picture in such a way that all the ashes fall in the bowl of pebbles. Now cover the bowl and keep it with you. Every day you may take one pebble and burry it outside the house of your enemy. He will be punished and destroyed.

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