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Are you having money problems, try this simple free Wicca spell. You will need 6 green candles. Also you will need a small purse that you will be using. Now take a small piece of parchment paper and on the paper you may write ______(your name) PAISE MORE TATHAAS BHALE. Then you may take that paper and put it inside the purse. In the evening after 7, you may make a circle and light candles on the circle. Then you may sit in the middle of the circle, and also you may carry your purse with you. Now while you are sitting in the center of the circle and the candles are burning. You will have to close your eyes and meditate and think that lots of money is coming to you. You may sit like this and concentrate till all the candle burns. Then you may take the purse and put it in your safe where you keep your money. This spell will not only protect your money but also will bring lots of money in your life.

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