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Cast this Love Spells for your True Love. Remember if you really love some one and also if your love for the person is true then spell casting of this love spell will not only bring your love to you, but you will also get your soul mate so that you can live a happy loving life.

Casting of this spell should be done in the night hours. Take an egg shell. On the shell you may write the name of the person you love and also your name. The say these works __________(name of your love) TIKKADAM ZAMBOURA MERELIYE AAYEE________(your name).
The you may take the egg shell and immediately keep it in the cemetery. Once this is done then after 4 days back you may again go to the cemetery and check the egg shell. If you love is real, or if the person really loves you then the egg shell will be intact and if the egg she is broken then that means that your love is cheating with you and is lying.

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