Talismans, magic talismans
Talismans, Magic Talismans


A talisman is an object which is believed to contain certain magical properties which would provide good luck for the possessor and possibly offer protection from evil or harm

The amulet is an entity with usual mysterious property, whereas a talisman must be exciting with mysterious power by an inventor; it is this act of sanctification or “charging” that furnishes the talisman its supposed magical powers.

The talisman is forever made for a specific reason whilst an amulet can be used for standard purposes such as prevention evil or attracts high-quality luck

There are various talismans used for various purpose including :

  • Love Talismans
  • Magic Talismans
    Maya Talisman For Wealth
    Talisman Yantra for Couples
    Talisman Yantra for Love
    Talisman for Protection
    Talisman Nao Yantra for Love
    Talisman Vayikra for Psychic Power
    Talisman for Occult Students
    Mah Yantra Talisman against Black Magic

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