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Sorcery spells need lots of black magic rituals and so should be done only in extreme conditions. As some times these spells can backfire and can be fatal.
If you want to destroy some one then do this spell, but at your own risk. You will need owl's nails, chicken blood, hair of a person who had died. Take a bowl, you will need hair of your enemy, mix is it the dead persons hair, then add chickens blood and make a paste of it. Once the paste is ready then you will need few drops of blood of your index finger and mix it with the paste. Then you will need to go to a cemetery and chant these words YAA ANAMO TUMARO DEATH, 100 times and then burn the bowl in such a way that the full paste that is in the bowl is burnt. Then burry every thing in the cemetery and come back home. That person will be completely destroyed.

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