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Simple Love Spells

Simple love Spells to Attract your Close Friend back to you, or even you can use this spell to bring some back in your life.

You will need Red Lipstick to cast this spell. Also this simple love spell should be performed in your bathroom. What you have to do is in your bath room, you have to take a big mirror. On that mirror you will have to draw the image of the your person you love with the help of a Lipstick. Now once you have drawn the image of your lover. It has to be there for 20 days and no one should clean the mirror or was the mirror of the image that you have drawn. Then in the bathroom on the forehead of the image you have to write your name and chant these words MOKA TINHA MILNA HAI AAJ, 100 times and then you have to sit in the bathroom for 30 minutes every day and while you are in the bathroom, you have to meditate and concentrate that the person you want is going to come to you. Soon you will see that your friend is getting attracted to you.