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Return & Reunite Lover Spell.

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Return and Reunite A Lover Spell, Retrieve Lost Lover Spells, Powerful Love Spells, Talismans, Charms

Another simple spell to calm the anger of your love and to bring him back into your life. Make a doll of wax of the person you love. Once the doll is ready then dip it in rosewater. Keep to in the air and let it dry and give the name to the doll the same as your lover. Once this is done write your name on the heart of the doll and below your name write his name. Then in the evening at about 7, you may take the doll in your right hand and chant these words VOO_______(name of the person you love) Mujhe Mile AANTA MAALUU NEEDAA. You may say these words 200 times and then take a small box , put the doll in it and then seal the box in such a way that it should not open. Then dispose the box in the sea or river, the more the box is in the water more faster your love will come back to you.

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