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Returning You Lover Spell.

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Returning A Lover Spell, Reuniting Lover Spell, Returning Lost Lover Spells, Magic Love Spells

This is another veryt simple spell that you can use to attract your love and return your lover back to you.
Now you will need a pendant that you will use to cast the spell. Now you will need few sandal wood sticks that you will need to burn. What you may do is take few sandalwood sticks on the sticks but a small container. Then in the container but the picture of your lover, behind the picture write your name and the name of your mother. Once the picture is burning you may keep in your mind that all this you are doing to attract your lover, as it is very important that this must be in your mind always. Then the pendant that you have you may keep over the container in such a way that the smoke touches the pendant continue this till the picture is completely burnt . Then take the pendant pour rose water on it and wear it around the neck. The more the person will see the pendant around your neck he will get attracted to you and will come to you

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