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Simple Prosperous Spell with the help of candles.
You will need 2 white Candles and 2 green Candles. You may start the casting of this spell in the afternoon, when sun is shining very brightly. You will need 4 money coins, on each coin you may put one candle in the form of a Triangle. Then you may light the candles and concentrate that lots of success, prosperity and good luck will come in your life. You have to activate your subconscious mind power by proper concentration and with the help of the suns rays and your mind power you will see that the candle flames will rise higher and higher, let this happen till the candles are completely burnt. After that collect the wax and the coins. All the coins you may keep in your safe where you keep your money and the wax , little little was you may distribute in your full house so that there will be lots of prosperity and good luck in your house.

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