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What is Magick Spell.
Magick Spell can be described as a set of words which you can chant either loudly or softly and its aim would be to bring about a magickal affect for good. By proper spell casting of magickal spells it Is possible to achieve impossible things like lost love, increase your financial status and bring good luck and prosperity in your life.

Our main is to cast magick spells and release energies into the universe and if the energies are strong and positive then the universe will accept your energies and the spell will manifest and once this magick happens you will achieve all your goals.

That's why I say Magic Spells are real and they do work wonders, if spell casted the proper way.

Here we are discussing about Magick Spells with relation to Love Spells.
It is good to cast magic spells to achieve impossible things with the help of the energies and powers of the universe. But again to get someone's love by force is not a good idea and should be avoided.
For example, If you love a certain person but that person does not love you and loves someone else, then it is not a good idea to cast a love spell on that person against his or her will. If that person does not have any feeling for you, then you are violating their free will and so my advice is not to cast a love spell on that person. As remember that the universe is watching you and may not support you for your evil intentions.

Magick Spell casting is a method or technique by which you will be able to communicate with the universe and take the help of universe and its energies to achieve your goals..

In order to cast a magic spell, you need to be positive, confident and have lots of positive energies so that your spell will be able to attract the energies of the universe. If you wish to cast a love spell but you are not positive that you can cast the spell then don't even try to cast the spell. It is possible that if you are negative then you will be sending negative energies to the universe and in that case your spell will back fire. In that cast let a professional spell caster do this job for you.

Spell casting of all the love spells should be done in the morning hours as that time the positive energy in the atmosphere is very strong and the chances of your energies to get attracted by the earth's magnetic field is very high so always cast love spells in the mornings.

Also always take a spiritual bath with rose water before you wish to cast a love spell. As by this your energies will be very powerful and chances for the spell to manifest becomes very strong.

Here is a very simple Candle Love Spell that has given effective results for many.
If you wish to get the attraction of a certain person then you can cast this spell.

Early morning before sunrise, first take a spiritual bath. Here in a bucket of water pour few drops of rose water. After your bath wear anything white in colour.

Take 2 red or pink candles. On one candle write your name and your mother's name and on the other candle write the name of the person you love and that person's mother's name. Once this is done take a red thread and tie the 2 candles together.
Now light the candles close your eyes concentrate and chant these words 40 times. MUJHE RAB AAKASH ZERE NASEEN HOE (Name of the person you love).

After chanting this 40 times, blow the candle and keep it in your room in a safe place that no one can touch it. You will have to repeat the same procedure for 4 Saturdays. And you will see the results yourself.

However if you feel that you are negative and you cannot cast the spell then contact me. I will cast the spell on your behalf.

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