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Spell To Make Someone Love You.
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Need a Spell to Make Someone Love you, or need attraction of someone, then try this spell.

You will need your picture and picture of the person you love. Then stick both the pictures together with the help of red gum. If you cant find red gum or glue, then you may add little red color on the gum and make it red in color. Once the 2 picture are stuck together then take a pin and pierce it in the picture in such a way that the pin passes from your heart to his heart. Once this is done then every day at least for 5 minutes take the picture in your right hand and keep in your mind that you are doing this to bind your love to you. Always keep the picture in your room.

Also some times things are more complicated and not easy. In that case email me your name and birth date details and similar details of your lover so that I will check the horoscope and will guide you.

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