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Again need to conquer the jinn, here is a procedure as how you will be doing the invocation.

I am writing here the procedure how to do the invocation, again you have to take lots of care and precaution while doing the invocation.
The talisman and the invocation prayer I am not adding here as I don't want it to be misused. If you want the invocation and talisman then I have to send it to you by post.

You will need a full bag of sweets. And this full invocation should be done in the forest.. You will need to wear white clothes and then on a Friday you need to go to the forest. I will be giving you a jinn invocation talisman and the jinn invocation chant or prayers that you will have to chant in the forest.

What you will need to do is sit in the forest and then make fire in front of you. Then once this is done then you may chant the jinn invocation prayers and while chanting you will have to throw little little sweets in the fire after every 5 minutes. Jinns are attracted to sweets and will start coming in front of you and will start asking for more and more sweets. Then see that the sweets don't get over as the invocation will be spoilt. Then after 40 days you will see that only one genie will remain in the end and he will follow you and will come with you as after the invocation he will be in your control

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