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This Jinn or Genie requires very deep concentration and again till you master this operation you will have to avoid meat etc and have only vegetables and fruits.
You will have to start the invocation at 3 o'clock in the morning and remember every day you will have to get up at 3 in the morning
Before starting the invocation you will have to wear a talisman that I will specially prepare for this purpose.

You will have to take one room where you will stay during the operation and remember that you will also have to stay there

You will have to get skull of a goat( or sheep) , take three bean seeds and place in each eye and mouth
Once this is done you will need blood of chicken (fresh blood) and on the head of the skull you will have to write your name, remember the spirits will see that name and will come in contact with you through that.

You will have to place the skull in the center of the room on the floor in one circle
After you have done all the preparations, then you will have to sit on the ground put your hand on the head of the skull , close your eyes and then you will have to concentrate and order that Genie to come in the skull and talk, remember you will have to order that good Jinn to come only, or any bad jinn may come and may even hurt you so keep in your mind to call good jinn, again remember always command that good genies to come and this is very important
After you have ordered the Genie to come and talk to you, you will have to chant the Genie Invocation Words that I will be sending you

Once you have done the full concentration after some days you will see Jinn's talking from the mouth of the skull, but till then you have to do the invocation and follow proper instructions

Again if you have questions you can email me.

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