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Need to Attract you lover, or need to get Attention of your love, or if you feel that you are loosing your love then this Hoodoo Love Spell, will help you and will get your lovers attention back to you

You will need 2 candle dolls in human shape, one will be of your shape and other candle will represent yourself. Then with the help of saffron ink on one doll write your name and on the other doll write the name of your lover. Then take rose water and sprinkle on the two dolls and once this is done , catch the dolls in your hand and chant these prayers _______(your name) ANATOPLE EUPJHARAA MONITAA MOR________(name of your lover) 100 times and then keep the 2 dolls in your room, and till your loves come back, every morning sprinkle on the dolls rose water and then put only one rose petal on each doll every day. Your love will be back in your life.

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