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Healing Spells if casted the proper way can do miracles. This simple spell can be used for Psychical, Spiritual and Aura healing also. Also some times any type of sickness also can ne healed if proper spell casting is done.

Now if you are doing the healing spell on yourself or on any other person, then first you will need to take a spiritual bath, with the help of rosewater and sandal incense. Then after the bath, you will need to wear white clothes. You right hand should be very clean and it will be used for healing. First take your right hand and on it you will write AAP ANTAM BOLAM HO, you may write this with a black pen. Then if you want to heal a person then you may touch his forehead slowly and then concentrate with your mind that you are doing to heal him, then slowly move your hand from the forehead to the toe and then put your hand in salt water, as salt water will absorb all the negative energy that you have removed from the persons body, then you may repeat this process and you will be healing the person from any type of evil and negative energy that is in his body.

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