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Love Spell To Get Your Ex Back.
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Again this is a very easy and simple love spell, prepared specially to get you ex boyfriend back or ex girl friend back. Now you can win your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend by casting this powerful spell.

Now it is important that you may cast this spell in the early mornings like 4 or 5 in the morning.
Take 4 white candles and place them in the 4 corners of the room where you will do your spell casting. Now light the candles, and you will need any belongings of your ex love, like piece of pant, of shirt piece or any thing. After that take a bowl of Rose water, put the piece in the bowl and cut few strand of your hair and put it in the bowl. The say these words ______ (Your name) HALLAKUM MINATUL MILE MIJHE ABHI _________(name of your ex).

Once this is done , take the bowl and burry it in the ground. Your will get the love of your ex back in your life.

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