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If you want to know your own powers or if you want to make your mind strong and powerful then you may try this. If you can do this exercise then you will be very strong and powerful and it can make your subconscious mind very strong and powerful and can make you very powerful person

What you will have to do is take a white board, on the board you may make a black round spot in the centre. Then you may keep it in front of you , stare at the black spot that is in front of you and with deep concentration command that the black spot should disappear. You will have to concentrate for hours and hours and there will be a stage that with the help of your sub conscious mind power the black spot will disappear, once this is done then you may again command that the black spot should again appear, by doing this exercise your subconscious mind will be very very strong and power full you will be able to control any type of object. By the power of your mind you will be able to any type of wonders like throwing a cup in the air and then commanding the cup to stop in the air by the power of your subconscious mind power. Again this is not magic but you are making your mind very strong and powerful by which you can do wonders. If you may have any questions then you can always email me.

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