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This Genie Invocation may be little difficult, but still I am writing the procedure. This invocation should be performed in a cemetery. Also it is important the you need to be very strong as you will need to spend the whole night in a cemetery. You will need to find a place in a cemetery and do the invocation. First you will have to wear the genie talisman around your neck. Remember if you will not wear the talisman and do the invocation then this can be fatal and you can be affected so you have to take proper care. Then you will have to find a very old grave, and do the invocation over there.

You will have to wear the genie talisman first. Then put your right hand on the grave and chant the invocation words in the night. While doing the invocation, you may hear genie shouting at you and even crying, you will have to be strong and continue the invocation. Also the genie may try to scare you as they are some times stubborn, you may not worry and continue the invocation whole night. The next day the genie will be in your control.

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