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This invocation should be done in the Forest, You have to do the invocation for 40 days and during that period you will have to live in the forest, the concept of this invocation is that you have to live a separate life away from others for 40 days and so when you will return the genie will be with you.
What you will have to do is where only white shorts. Then you will make a small place in the forest. Where you will be staying, also you will have to cook yourself and no one should be with you. Then you will make a circle with any animals blood and in the middle of the circle you will sit and do the invocation. I will be sending you the talisman that you have to wear around your neck and I will be sending you the genie invocation chant that you will have to say. You will sit in the centre of the circle and chant the words every night 300 times for 40 days. After 40 days you will see that a fire ball will appear in front of you. Then I will give you another invocation prayer that you will say so that the ball will turn into a human shaped genie and he will be in your control and will follow you to your house.

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