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Genie Invocation and Spells.
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Genie Invocation Spells of Invocation Genies is possible with the help of spells casting.
Also one more thing I would like to say that Genies are known by many names like Jinn, Djinn, Jabal etc. so what ever may be the name it is the same thing.

Also there are many invocations which are available on the internet. But again genie is not a thing to play with. As always person a good genie invocation , and remember if unknowingly you will do an evil genie invocation then this can be fatal to you, as an evil genie can not only harm you but your whole family, so do the genie invocation but confirm if it's a good one or a bad one, as a bad or evil genie can ruin your life.

Also once the genie is in your control, he will only do good things for you, also will get money etc but not by robbing, all the hidden money that is there, all they are aware of and so can get all the money. But never tell them to do any thing wrong or evil as they will not listen to you as they are good genies and only will do good things. If you are interested in genie invocations then you may email me and I will guide you further.

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