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If you are looking to attract some one of the same sex, or if you want to get love from and he is not interested then by casting this simple gay love spell, you can not only get attention of this person but also will get him to love you.

You will need to Make Dolls made of clay, remember you have to make the 2 dolls your self and no one should help you with that. On one doll write your name and on the other doll write the name of the person you want to attract. Then you will need one hair strand of horse's tail and you have to tie both the dolls with the horse's tail. Then chant these words, VO MONAT PARE HONA 100 times. You may do this and your doll you will have to burry outside his house and his doll you have to burry in your house. By this way when ever you will come in front of him he will get attracted to you and will come to you.

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