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Some times if there are too many negative energies and black magic affects in your house, then it is important to remove this evil energy from you house, as if the energy is very strong and powerful then it will not only destroy you but your whole family. Also that's why it is important that with proper spell casting and wicca spell this energy is destroyed so that only positive energy will remain in your house.

You will need 40 Lavander Incense Sticks, burn 1 stick every day in your house and give the smoke to your full house, and while the incense is being burnt, chant these prayers KAAL JAADU PARIYTANYA MULAYTI HO, 100 times. Then you will need half bucket of water, pour rose water in it and the ash of the incense that falls you will have to collect it and throw in the bucket of water. Then you will have to sweet the floor with water. All the negative energy that will be in your house will be destroyed and only positive energy will remain in your house.

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