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Free White Magic Love Spell

This is a very safe free white magic love spell that can attract your lover to you and bring him back in your life.
You will need one Red or Pink Candle. Once Match Stick and parchment paper. On the candle you will have to write the name of the person you want in your life. Then on the parchment paper with the help of red ink draw one heart. Once this is done then you may light the candle and concentrate and meditate that you love is going to come back to you or is getting attracted to you. You need to concentrate for about 5 minutes only. You may continue this for 7 days. After that you may take the wax and fill it in the heart that you have drawn on the parchment paper. Then take the paper and keep it under your pillow, the person you want will come to you.

Love is one among the loveliest feelings. We all crave for our true love that will adore us and stay by our side forever. But all of us are not that fortunate enough to get that true love naturally. Thus, there are white magic love spells to help us out. The best part is that most of these white magic love spells are available free of cost over the internet. You may get complete info on the time, ingredients and rituals to perform the spell with success.

There are various kinds of Free white magic love spells to cater to every aspect of a love life. The most common one is the attraction of new love in life. If you are feeling lonely and are eagerly looking for your true love, these magic spells will be handy. Then, you have Free white magic love spells to strengthen your relationship. Magic can shield your relationship from unwanted advances and every one types of negative components that will harm your relationship.

Besides, some love magic spells help you to bind your lover to you forever. If your love life seems to be crashing down for silly reasons, you can try out these spells to heal and strengthen it. Moreover, there are white magic love spells that will enable you to reunite with your old lover. Sometimes we take the decision to break up over stupid reasons and silly misunderstandings- solely to understand that we tend to area unit still crazy with one another. In such situations, white magic love spells help you to get back to your old lover and rekindle your relationship.

One of the most popular white magic love spells is the one that helps you to make someone fall for you. To do the spell, you will need, one red candle, one pink candle, tooth pick, matches, pencil and parchment paper. You will have to write on the candles, so, make sure they are thick enough.

First, you may write your name on red candle with strip which of your crush on pink candle. Light up the candles one by one, starting with the red. Then, stay focused on the candles for half an hour. Sit quietly, calm your mind and visualize your crush falling head over heels in love with you. Think of happy times that you dream of with him or her. Then, draw 3 hearts on parchment paper with pencil. Drop some wax from red candle on the hearts- all the while thinking about your immense love for the person. Blow out your candle. Do that same thing with pink candle and during this time, ponder about that person falling for you. Blow it. You have to perform the ritual for 7 days with the same candles & same paper.

It’s to note here that white magic love spells do not allow you to play with someone’s free will. It’s because white magic is all about goodness and does not permit any kind of manipulation. For example, say you are deeply in love with someone. But that person is not at all interested in you or is attracted to someone else. In such cases, you can’t expect favorable results with white magic love spells. If you cast white magic spell with a negative intention, the spell may backfire and lead to dangerous effects.