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Free Love Spells

Welcome to my page of FREE LOVE SPELLS. I will keep on adding lots of free Love Spells that you can cast for yourself or cast these free spells for love on the behalf of others, These Free Magic Spells are tried and tested and so will always help you.

Spell Casting is an Art which requires lots of concentration of release of our energy into the universe that's how spells casting of love spells work. That's why please don't take all these things as a joke or ignore. Cast the powerful love spells only if you are sure about it. If you are suffering from any type of phobias or you tend to always think negative at times, avoid spell casting immediately and don't even think of spells casting, In that case let Dr Saulat cast these powerful Love Spells on your behalf.

So looking for Lost Love, Soul Mate, Old Love, or need to bind your lover try these Free Love Spells and change your life.

In this section I am offering Free advice on love spells, how to handle and face problems in love and relationships and all the problems related to love relations. With my free and powerful love spells your lover is sure to come to you and you will be happy and secured in your love relations. Remember one thing love spells casting is always related to white magic. So never force any one to fall in love with you. When you will cast a love spell, many times this has happened that you end up in finding your true love or soulmate, and then you forget about the person for whom you started spell casting. The reason is that you wanted to cast the spell for ego, you never really wanted that person, it was just ego and self-esteem.

I am a Spell Caster from India, and I offer love spells on the basis on Indian Vedas and Vedic astrology. My Love Spells are for everyone and you can cast them a per your situations and needs.

There are many spells that's require lots of materials and ingredients. Some time I have seen that the procedure of using the ingredients are so complicated that you may end up in ruining or spoiling the full spell casting techniques. Here on my love spells page, you will find many love spells that don't have any ingredients.

Talismans and Charms are weapons of Spell Castings. Always use a powerful Talisman and Charm while casting Love Spells.

In the end I will again say if you are not positive then don't cast the spell. I will cast the spell for you and will guide you through out the spell casting.
Remember here you will find lots of Free Magic Love Spells that Works.

I will Need your full name and birth date details. If you want success in spells; then believe in them; make your Intentions and desires clear; and the universe will manifest your request.

Magic of Love Spells can change you, below you will find many real and simple love spells that will give you effective results.

This is a very strong and powerful love spell that really work and gives very fast results. Before spell casting you may take the spiritual bath that will allow you to have lots of positive energies around you so that there are better chances for the spell to manifest, as whatever you do it is your energy that has to reach the universe , and then you will see how the universe will change your life and will bring your love in your arms.
If you wish to attract your lover, bring back your lost love, if you have lost your love to someone else or you feel that your lover is looing interest in you then you can cast this powerful love spell that is sure to bring happiness and love in your life.
Yes My Love Spells really work
You may cast this spell before sunrise. You need to take a lime, on the lime write your name and the name of your lover. After that take the lime in your right hand, close your palm and chant ANNDEN BKUUTNJ POOMNORT DBUUMT, 360 times with full concentration and keep in your mind that you are doing this to bring your lover back in your life. Withing 40 days you will get the results. But till your love is back in your life continue to do this every day without a single break.

This is a simple, easy and very effect love spell does not require any ingredients. If you feel that spell casting without any ingredients will be strong or will not give you any good results then this thinking is completely wrong and baseless. Spell Casting Love spell with no ingredients will give you the same results or may be better results than the love spell casting with ingredients.
Many times ingredients is replaced by a strong and powerful Love Chant that will have very strong energy and vibrations and if spell casting is done correctly then it will give you very fast and accurate results.
This is a very simple love spell with no ingredients as said before. You will have to do this magic spell casting in the night say after 10 o'clock. First take your spiritual bath and immediately go to the bedroom, stand on your bed and now you are ready for spell casting. Close your eyes facing west, and chant this words only for one minute PYAARE AMANUSH BIGDEE HAL HOIE, and keep your eyes close and keep this thought in your mind that your lover should come back to you, or the person you love should love you more. You will have to do this every day only for 1 minute till your love comes back to you or till you feel that the spell has worked and the person you wish is with you. |
If you feel that your love is losing interest in you, or the person you love is no more with you and you need to get back your lost love, or you need to bind your lover back to you then you can cast this strong and powerful love spell.

This is a very strong and powerful Love Spell Chant and this spell does not have any technique or ingredients. This chant will grow love between two lovers and will bind you lover to you as this is a very strong love binding chant or spell. The magical Love Spell to Chant is LOVE MARRO MUJHE BAKSHA. You may chant these words as much as you can. Like when ever you have free time, or like when you are travelling or when you are watching Television etc keep chanting these words. The love between you and your lover will grow and with the power of this Love Chant your lover will never leave you and the love between you and your love will grow.

This is another very easy and powerful love spell that you can cast without candles or pictures. You don't have to cast this spell anywhere out, you can do spell casting of this easy love spell in your house also.
This free love spell can be used for all problems related to love. You just need a white chart paper. On the white paper in the centre you may wrote your name and the name of the person you love. You don't need a very bog chart paper. Just chart paper of A4 size will be good. Once you have written the names on the chart paper. Then hang or stick it on any wall in your house. After this write these words on the chart paper . MORA MILE ANASTANTA PYAAR NIBHA NIBHA. Also if you can stick your picture and the picture of the person you love on the paper then it would be better as the results will be faster. Now you are ready for spell casting. What you will have to do is in the morning only for one minute touch the chart and concentrate that your love is going to come to you, or if you want your love to love you more etc. accordingly you may keep the wish in your mind and concentrate. You will have to do this 2 times. Once in the morning and once in the night. This Free love spell will work like magic on the person you love and he or she will always think of you, will miss you and will be with you always.

This is another mystical free white magic spell that really works with fats results. Even a beginner can cast this powerful love spell.
White magic is a natural magic that is used only for good. So all those whose intention are good and are really in love and want to be with their love for ever they only are allowed to cast this strong and powerful Free White Magic Love Spell.
You will need 6 green candles. On each candle first write your name, then write your mothers name and then lastly write the name of the person you love. Tale your spiritual bath and then you are ready for spell casting. You will take one candle every day and spell casting of this white magic spell for love should be done in the morning after sun set immediately once you get up from sleep. Take the First Candle, light the candle and chant these words 360 times YAA MILE NOOR PYAAR MAKADDAM BASH. Chant these words 360 times with lots of positive energy and concentration and send the energy to the universe. You will have to do deep concentration and meditation is also required. You will have to be there in front of the candle this the full candle is completely melted. After this is done take the candle remains or wax and dispose it in the sea. You will have to do like this every day for 6 days. The person you are thinking of will start missing you and will try to communicate with you.

When things are not working for you and all your white magic spells have failed you then in such extreme conditions you can cast this very safe, effective black magic love spell that really works. The results may vary as I have seen few getting results immediately. And sometimes the results may take 40 days. Remember you should be very good in meditation and your concentration should be strong and then you are sure to get guaranteed results in black magic spell for love. Remember my magic spells are real so only if you are sure that you need to cast the spell then only you may go for this spell. And if you are not sure about spell casting then you may contact a professional Black Magic Spell Caster.
Take a small pouch. It would be better that you may take a black colour pouch. After that take a big round shaped lime that has 2 lines on it. Such limes are special ones and you will have to look for it, as remember it should have 2 lines on it. Then you will need an eagle's feather and with chicken blood you will have to write your name and the name of your lover. After that you will have to go to a cemetery and burry the pouch in the cemetery. While you are coming home you may chant these words MAUT MALIK NIBHA YAAR MONPE. Say these words and come home. After this every morning only for one minute you will have to concentrate that the person whom you want should come to you. You will have to concentrate for one minute in the morning and one minute in the life. If you have doe the spell casting with full concentration, then you will see that the person you love will communicate with you, he will see you in his or her dreams and will be back in your life. In this way your love will be come back to you and will never leave you

This is again a strong powerful free love spell. Online love spells are many times very complicated and difficult to follow. Here I am giving you a simple love spell that will work fast with effective results. You will need a small flower pot. Take any type of plant that gives red colour flowers. Take a small card paper and write your name and the name of your lover on the card paper. After that you will have to burry that small card in the flower pot then put mud and plant the tree. Once this is done then every day when you will put water on the plant chant these words YAA PANI MAHI MILA ANAM PANAM and concentrate that the person you love should never leave you. Do this every day and till the names are in the flower pot the person you love will never leave you and even if he wants he or she will never leave you.

This again a very strong and powerful Love Binding Spell by which the person you love will always love you, he or she will never cheat you, and the bond between you and your lover will become strong and unbreakable. The power of this spell is strong that after spell casting even if you want to break the spell it will not be possible so easily.
This strong love spell can bind any one to you and within few days this love spell will start working and showing the desired results.
Take a small paper which should be white in colour. On the paper you should write SON CHAND PANI PYAAR SAAT HOYE. After this with saffron write the name of the person you love and after that write your name. Then fold the paper into a very small size and cover the paper with a tape. Then take a small locket and put the paper inside the locket and wear the locket as a pendant around your neck. The person you love will day by day get attracted to you and there will be a time where he will not be able to stay with you. Even if he or she is with some other person still he or she will return to you and will be committed to you.
So Need to bind someone to you, then cast this simple love spell.

This lost love spell is very ancient spell and that's why it has lots of powers and this love spell works. If you have lost your love and you need bring back your lost lover; If your lover has fought with you and you need to return your lost lover; Or even if your lost love is not with someone else; then this spell is the most effective love spell in bringing your lover as soon as possible.
You will need very good quality Incense Sticks, as better the quality better is the energy produced that can help you while spell casting. First take a spiritual bath, where white clothes and in the morning between 8-9 o'clock you have to cast this love spell. Now I will tell you a special lost love spell chant, this chant is very powerful and has lots of energy and if you will do the chanting the proper way the results should be immediate depending on your concentration and energy. That's why magic chants are very important weapon when it comes to love spell casting. What you have to do is take your spiritual bath, wear white clothes, light the incense and chant these magic words _______________(name of your lost love) SHUBH PYAAR NAMAS MILAN AAYE_______________(your name). You will have to chant these magic words 100 times every morning and give the smoke to your full house. You will see that from nowhere your ex will contact you, will communicate with you and also will be back to you. But is you don't have positive energy then don't cast the spell. Let a Spell caster do the lost love spell on your behalf.

This is another powerful and strong Break up Spell that really works and gives good results. You can cast this break up spell for yourself or you can do the spell casting of this free break up love spell on the behalf of others also. But remember whatever you do keep your intentions good, always cast spells to help people and not to harm them. For example if you feel that your friend is suffering in his or her love relation then you can cast this simple and effective BREAK UP LOVE SPELL and free your friend from his or her sufferings.
For example if you wish to break up a couple then take one picture of each. Cut the corners of the pictures. With a red ink mark a cross on the picture and write ZER PAST HO BANE DUSHMAN. Once this is done then you are ready for spell casting. Now in the night after 11 o'clock, you will catch the pictures in your right hand and say the magic break up chant. You will say ZER PAST HO BANE DUSHMAN only 100 times and then after the magic chanting take scissors and the little corner of the pictures. Like this you will have to do the chanting every day and after saying the chants keep on cutting the corners every day with the intention that the coup should soon break their love relation

This is a strong and powerful Divine Free Reunite Spell with the help of which you can reunite with your lover or you can cast this spell to reunite two lovers. So bring your ex back or bring back a lover from your past, or also you can bring back your ex-boyfriend or ex girlfriend by these powerful and effective Reunite Love Spells.
Spell Casting of Reuniting Love Spell is possible only if your concentration power is strong and if you have lots of positive energy remember this.
If you are spell casting the reunite love spell on the behalf of others then you will need one picture each of the 2 lovers. Stick both the pictures together and take a red envelope and put the pictures in the envelope and seal the envelope so that the pictures will not come out. On the envelope you will write PYAAR MUSHK SAATH ANOKH HOI. Once this is done then you are ready for spell casting. Every day at 7 o'clock you will chant these words PYAAR MUSHK SAATH ANOKH HOI 360 times and then keep the envelope in some holy place. You will have to do this every day for 40 days. Soon you will see that the lovers are united and are back together with a very strong and powerful bond.

Need to find or call your soul mate?
Or you need to figure out the name of your soul mate?
Or you need to find your True Love then my strong and powerful soul mate spell will help you in getting your true love so that you will be able to live a happy and peaceful love life with you soul mate.
You will need lots of concentration as your energy should be strong enough to reach the universe so that the spell can be manifested. You will need fresh rose petals every day. Take a bowl put the rose petals in the bowl, once this is done chant these magic words. Concentrate and keep this in your mind that you are doing this for your soul mate. Once your concentration is done then chant these words PYAAR MALOUM HO AMANTAR PURAM, chant these words while preparing what I am telling you. Firs put fresh rose petals in a bowl, add honey, and sugar then put the bowl on fire and take a spoon and start stirring till all the ingredients are mixed well. You have to do everything a non-stick pan. Once this is done then collect everything in a bottle. Every morning ear a pinch of the solution and keep in your mind that you are doing all this for a soul mate. Once you will start this your sub conscious mind will get activated and charged and will take you to your soul mate soon.

Need to bind your lover to you. Are you scared of losing your love; or you feel that the person you love is losing interest in you then you can cast this effective and fast binding love spell.
You will need a piece of cloth of the person you love. Once you have this then you may write on the cloth your name, the name of your lover and write this chant SUKHI MORE NAMUKHI JUDA HO. Once this is done then take the cloth piece burry it in a flower pot that is in your house. Also while doing all this keep your concentration very strong and you need lots of positive energues for spell casting binding love spell. Soon you will notice that the person you love will love you more, he or she will always love you, think of you, miss you and will always be with you. You will have to do this spell casting early morning.

This is again a very easy effective CANDLE LOVE SPELL , that can not only bind your lover to you but can help you finding a true love also.
You will need 2 green candles. On each candle write your name and name of your lover. After that carve these words on the candle SUKHI PRACHEM BUKAN PYAAR. Once this is done you will have to light the candles and when this is happening you will have to be there and concentrate hard so that the energy that is released will very fast be accepted by the universe as many times Candle Love Spells are very effective.
You will have to do this every day till your love is back in your life.

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I was looking for Lost Love Spells to bring back a lost lover, I have to admit that your lost love spell worked for me and I was able to get back my ex lover. Will try more spells soon- Marshall (United States).
Your Binding Love Spells are powerful as I could Bind my lover, you are great thanks a lot- Drissa (MALI).
I could find here many Easy Love Spells, very simple and easy spells; and the best part I could cast them without the knowledge of Witchcraft. Cool-Nworkah(NIGERIA).
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