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Easy Love Attraction Spells

Need to Attract some one, or need attraction or attention from your lover, then try this Simple and Easy Love Attraction Spells

Again you may start the preparation in the early mornings, about 6 in the morning.
Take 2 Rose Incense Sticks, and burn the Incene Sticks in such a way, that you will collect all the ashes on the incense as you will need the ashes.

While burning the Incense, say these words MALIK MUJHE _________(name of your love) MILE ABHI ABHI, chant these words 200 times and then you have to collect the ashes. Then take a bucket of water and put the ashes in the water and take a bath. While doing this , the same day when you will meet the person you want to attract, he or she will get attracted to you and will also think of you