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Easy Love Attraction Spells

Need to Attract some one, or need attraction or attention from your lover, then try this Simple and Easy Love Attraction Spells

Again you may start the preparation in the early mornings, about 6 in the morning.
Take 2 Rose Incense Sticks, and burn the Incene Sticks in such a way, that you will collect all the ashes on the incense as you will need the ashes.

While burning the Incense, say these words MALIK MUJHE _________(name of your love) MILE ABHI ABHI, chant these words 200 times and then you have to collect the ashes. Then take a bucket of water and put the ashes in the water and take a bath. While doing this , the same day when you will meet the person you want to attract, he or she will get attracted to you and will also think of you.

Are you planning to cast a love spell to improve your love life? You may be hooked into a cute guy for long but he seems to be oblivious of your presence. Now, that’s sad and magic will be really handy here. However, most of the amateur spell casters are scared to cast the spells. They are often bound by this myth that spells are extremely complex and are hard to perform. Well, that’s not the case always. While some spells are actually tough, there is no dearth of easy love attraction spells for the beginners.

You will find easy love attraction spells for almost any outcome related to love. For example, there is a bunch of very simple spells that will help you to find your future soul mate. Then, you have easy love attraction spells to make your crush fall for you. Besides, we have breezy attraction and love spells to help you reunite with your old lover.

One such easy love attraction spell is 3 Knot love spell. This spell will be great when you have fallen for someone and wish to evoke the same strong passion in your crush for you. This spell will also be wonderful when you have just started a new romantic relationship and are extremely serious about it and to strengthen it. To do the spell, you will need one red ribbon of minimum 24”, Ylang Ylang oil and patchouli oil.

Pour couple of drops of both oil on your palms & rub. Anoint the ribbon with the oils with your finger. Then, tie up three knots in your ribbon. The knots should be spread evenly throughout the ribbon. While you tie the knots, chant the spell. The spell is like a prayer where you request the Gods to ensure that you two will be together forever. Now, loop up the ribbon around bed post. However, make sure not to tie it as it will only result in unwanted extra knots.

Another easy love attraction spell that you can try as a beginner is love letter spell. This spell will help you to find a true loving partner. You have to cast the spell on Friday night. To do the spell, you will need- one blank sheet, red marker, envelope, your favorite lipstick & perfume & fresh rose petals (red rose).

First, pen down the main qualities you wish to see in your ideal partner with the marker on the blank sheet. Spray fragrance on that. Fold it & place it inside your envelope. Then, hold the rose petals & visualize a great life with your future partner. Think about the happy times you will explore and the wonderful memories you two are going to weave. Then, place the paper and all the petals inside your envelope & seal it. Put on your lipstick & kiss on the envelope. Store the magic envelope somewhere safe. When you will find your future partner, make sure to burn the whole thing.