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Genie Invocation and Summoning.
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Djinn Again know by many name like Jinn, or Genie etc are also living beings made of Fire. Another important thing about Djinns is that there are different types of Djinns.

1) First one is MARID DJINN. These Djinn are most powerful of all and has the most and maximum powers and so invocation of Marid Djinn is little difficult, but if you can capture this djinn, then it will protect your 7 generations. Marid Djinn has more element of water in it.

2) The second one is IFRIT or EFRIT Djinn, and after MARID this the second most powerful genie. IFRIT Djinn and is made of more amount of Fire

3) The third one is GUHL Djinn. It can transform into any shape and size in seconds.

4) The last one is the SILA DJINN, this is the most weakest of the djinn, and if you are new or a beginner, then you may always go for DJIN SILA invocations , as this is the safest invocation and you will get faster results if you will go for SILA DJINN invocations

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