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Again this is a very simple spell, where you will not need any type of ingredients or any thing you can cast this spell at home. If your enemy is doing some type of Dark Magic or Black Magic on you then you can use this reverse spell, not only to destroy the spell, but also destroy the person who is doing all this to harm you.

If you have Rudraksh with you , or if you have crystal egg with you, then they are the most powerful sources for destroying the dark magic and black magic . But if you don't have them then take any type of bean, if you know the name of your enemy then write the name of the enemy on the bean and then grow the bean in small pots. One they are big enough then touch the plant with your right hand and say MERA DUSHMAN ZER HO, 50 times, and just put one drop of blood on the plant. Once this is done then put the flower pot outside the house of the person who is doing magic on you. He will be destroyed.

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