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Do you feel that there is a Curse on you, or some enemy is trying to cast an evil spell on you, then with this powerful Curse Removal Spell, you will be free from any type of curse and be free from all the worries and problems.

To cast this spell you will need 5 candles, one black candle and 4 green candles. Also while casting this spell you don't have to wear any clothes. You will stand In the middle and place the 4 green candles around you, now if you know the name of the person who has cursed you then take the black candle in your right hand and if you don't know the name of your enemy then you may take the candle in your left hand. Then you may light all the candles and even the black candle that is in your hand. Then you may chant these words MERA PRANAM SATKANHUM JAAVE. You may chant these words 100 times and while chanting keep in your mind that all the curse that is on you should be destroyed. After every thing is done, then you may collect the wax and dispose it in the sea or river

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