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Many times when you may cast any spell it can be a Love Spell or Money spell, many times you are not confident enough and also your subconscious mind is also not strong enough and so you may not get the desired results.

So if you may do this before casting any spell, there are chances that you will be surely successful.

Always take a spiritual bath , and always light 4 rose incense sticks, and give the smoke in the place where you will be doing the invocation. Once this is done, sprinkle rose water in that place where you are doing the invocation, and for 5 minutes close your eyes and concentrate in your mind that your subconscious mind is very powerful and strong and by the power of your sub conscious mind you will get success while casting the spell.

Then your may start the spell casting. And once your work is done, then close your eyes and again concentrate only for minutes, and give orders to your subconscious mind that the spell which you have performed is going to give you very positive results.
And you will be successful in spell that you will perform.

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