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If you feel that some one had cursed you or hexed you, or if you feel that you are a victim of Black magic because of cursing of some one on you then try this simple and effective spell that will free you from any type of evil eye, black magic etc

You will have to do this spell casting in the night after 10 o'clock. You will need 5 candles, in which 4 will be white candle and 1 will be a black candle. On all the white candles, you may write your name, and on the black candle, if you know the name of your enemy write his name and if you don't know the name then just write NAAMAALUM.

Then you will have to make a square with the help of saffron ink, and on the 4 corners of the square you may place the white candles and in the centre you have to stand with the black candle in your hand. Now you may light all the candles and say these words 100 times MERA DUSHMAN ZER HO. And while doing this keep in your mind that all the hex or curse that is on you must be destroyed. Once this is done you will be free from any type of hex or curse.

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