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Black Magic Spells for Revenge.
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Do you feel that there is any type of Black Magic Hex or Curse on you. Or if you feel there is voodoo or an evil eye on you. Then you may try this spell as this spell will not only protect you but will also destroy and punish the person who is trying to harm you or trouble you.

For this spell all you need is a Voodoo doll made of clay. As you don't know the name of you enemy or the person who is doing black magic on you, so write ZAMBOUR MURANYAA on the doll.
Then you will need to sacrifice a crow and pour the blood on the doll. After this keep the doll in your room.
Every evening after 7, you may take the doll and catch it with your right hand, close you eyes and say in your mind that all your enemies and those who have done black magic on you should be destroyed. The doll will get activated and charged and will do wonders for you.

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