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This is a very simple and affective Black Magic Spell that you can use to protect yourself from some one who is trying to harm you or trouble you. If you feel that your enemy is troubling you and you need protection then you can use this spell so that you can be protected from this evil person.

You will need seeds (beans). What you have to do is take about 15-16 seeds. Then you will need owls blood and dip the seeds in the blood. Then you may chant these words KAALAA HUA SUB KAA MOL MILE MUJJHE. You may chant these words 100 times and then take the name so all your enemies or the person who is troubling you. Then you may place the bean outside your house, near your window and all other open places. Once this is done then that person who is trying to come and trouble you and harm you will be stopped and he will not be able to come to your house.

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