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Attract Love Spells

Attract Love Spell to get the Attraction and Attention of your Lover.

If you feel that your lover is not giving your attention or if you feel that your lover is avoiding you then you may try this simple love spell that is affective and easy.

Take 4 different color Candles, red, white, green and black. Take the picture of your lover and on the four corners of the picture light the 4 candles. Then chant this prayer MAALAM KRUTULUM SANSSAARUM AALAM, chant these words 200 times and then put the picture of your lover under your pillow. You lover will start getting attracted to you and you will see the changes yourself.

We all want to be loved by the person we love. But area unit all people that lucky? Well, some people are actually blessed the good fortune yet it’s not exactly the case with most of us. Are you too in love with someone or eagerly waiting for a new love in life with no luck? Now, don’t worries as attract love spells will leverage your chances in love here? So, what are attract love spells? Very simply, these are the magic spells that will help you to attract love in your life. It can be a new unfound love or a crush that you simply have fully fallen for lately. We need a high level of positive energy to attract love in our life. If you do not have such high intensity energy around you, magic will work to influence the supernatural powers to create that strong positive aura around you. When you are surrounded by magical positive energy, it becomes easier to attract love.

One popular attract love spell is Golden Crush spell. This spells is supposed to bring you and your crush nearer so you'll be sure by the eternal force of affection. To try and do the spell, you may need- an image or your crush, gold lipstick, red candle, paper and vanilla essence. If you can’t get the picture, make sure to have a belonging of your crush. You really need the energy or touch of your crush to make the spell stronger. And, the spell must be cast at night.

Before you start the spell, meditate for 5-6 minutes. Then, light up your red candle & focus on burning flame. Now, take up the picture of your crush and visualize energy effusing off it. Imagine you are surrounded by the aura of your crush all around you. Visualize locking up the aura. Now, keep the picture down. Then, take up gold lipstick & note down the description of the aura of your crush on the paper. On the back side, pens down your crush’s name. Now, put on the lipstick & kiss your paper as many times you want. Fold your paper in 4 halves and drop vanilla on it & keep it tucked under your pillow. Then, blow off your candle and place it along with the picture of your crush on windowsill in moonlight. Switch off lights & go to sleep. But before you drift off to slumber, whisper the name of your crush and chant the spell. The spell is like a prayer where you pray to be with your crush forever. Then, kiss the paper & place it under pillow. You will soon have your crush falling for you in just a few weeks. Strong visualization is really important to make attract love spells work. Almost all such spells require you to imagine yourself with your future soul mate or lover. Meditation is a wonderful way to enhance concentration and improve your visualization power. Besides, make sure to cast the spells only on people who are single and not in a relationship with somebody else.