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If you are not happy with your love relation, or if you want to end your marriage without any fights or quarrels then you can use this spell. This is a very simple spell and you may use it only if you are sure that you want to end your relation with the person you love.
What you will need to do is take half kg meat. On the meat you have to first chant these words TABAAH BUNITA AAZAAD HO (name of your love) 100 times. Once this is done you have to see that all the meat is eaten by Crows or Cats any animal. Once this is done you will see that the person you don't love will loose interest in you and will leave you.

Also some times things are more complicated and not easy. In that case email me your name and birth date details and similar details of your lover so that I will check the horoscope and will guide you.

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