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When you have done any spell casting then after that you may try this Ancient Magic Spell, as it will faster your progress and will give you faster results. As in this spell casting I have used traditions of ancient witchcraft chants so that you may get effective results.

As I have said before that this spell will faster the results of the spells that you have done,
You will have to cast the spell In the night any time after 7 in the evening. You will need a Mojo Bag, inside the bag you have to put sangh sitara gem, real asian rose quartz and onyx emerald. Once this is done you may close the bag and tie a knot with a black satan string. Then you may chant these words MUJHE KAAMYAABI MILE ANTARAN MOKIA. Just say these words 50 times and keep the bag in your room. You will get faster progress.

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